Goodbye Junto. Hello Inter

We realized that it's time to start thinking bigger.

We started Junto in 2016 while working at a previous marketing agency. Our belief was that the freelance economy is booming and that traditional agencies that don’t adapt will fall behind.

The name “Junto” has two sources:

  1. The Spanish word “juntos,” meaning “together”

  2. Benjamin Franklin’s Junto Club

In the early days of America, Ben Franklin started the Leather Apron Club, commonly referred to as the Junto. The club gathered the brightest minds in America together on Friday evenings to discuss ideas for the mutual improvement of themselves and the country.

Our goal in starting Junto was to create the room that would bring together the world’s brightest minds to help businesses grow.

As Junto, we focused on building a digital marketing agency that fueled growth through long-form content marketing and data-driven web development.

Over the past year, we realized that it’s time to start thinking bigger.

Today, we rebrand to Inter.

Why We’re Changing to Inter

1. Shifting from full-service to full focus

We’ve learned a lot over the past few years. We’ve seen some incredible results in helping our clients scale their online presence.

However, we’ve also taken on projects outside our realm of expertise and suffered the consequences. Don’t get us wrong; some full-service agencies can make it work. We’ve found it takes more resources and experience than we felt comfortable investing.

With Inter, we’re niching down our services to only focus on what we believe we’re best at. No pay-per-click, no social management, no bullshit.

The result is a portfolio of highly focused growth solutions that are designed to help businesses thrive online.

Over the past five years, we’ve refined our services based on what drives the best results for clients. We’ve tested out new services and retired services that haven’t worked as well as we expected.

In that time, our team of 40 has been pulled in many different directions and has learned even more along the way.

Inter will serve as a parent company that oversees multiple solutions.

  1. Intergrowth will focus on helping businesses to drive more online revenue through long-form, SEO-centric content creation.

  2. Interweb will focus on designing and developing data-driven WordPress websites.

  3. Interdev will focus on providing agencies with white-label WordPress development services.

This rebrand will help our team to stay focused on the specific solutions that we provide, avoiding the distraction from complimentary services that we aren’t best suited for.

2. Solving Our Own Problems

We believe that the best innovations come from focusing on solving our own problems.

If our team is searching for a solution to a problem, chances are that there are other businesses that would benefit from the same solution.

With Inter, we stop working as an agency and start working as a growth-centric solutions provider. Part of this involves investing far more resources into software solutions that can either enhance our services, or replace our hands-on involvement with a more affordable solution.

We’re retiring some services

When we started Junto, we promised ourselves that we would only offer services that we’re experts at.

We’re firm believers that specialization is the key to being the best at what you do. As we’ve grown to better understand what we’re best at, we’ve started to retire a few of our services.

Website Maintenance (for Non-Inter Sites)

Making changes to websites that we didn’t build is an expensive service to provide. Making changes to websites requires us to fully understand how other websites were constructed to anticipate how one change will impact the rest of the website.

Our entire team uses the same framework to build all websites. This makes troubleshooting and analysis easy. However, every non-Junto developer uses different methods to build websites. Taking the time to understand how each site is constructed is time-intensive work that we need to bill for.

As a result, we’re no longer offering website maintenance on websites that are built by other web development teams. Instead, we’ve been focusing on building relationships with businesses that specialize in website maintenance and will refer those in need of web maintenance to those businesses that we trust.

Standalone SEO Foundations

Our marketing team specializes in driving business growth through long-form content creation and link building. SEO foundations will continue to remain a part of all marketing services that we offer. However, SEO foundations by themselves are rarely enough to help the businesses that we work with exponentially grow their business.

How Does this Impact Junto Clients?

Junto clients will still receive the exact same service that they’ve come to love. Here are a few things that won’t change:

  • The quality of our services — we’ll still have the same people providing the same quality of services focused on helping you grow. Our processes are constantly evolving with the marketing landscape. However, none of our processes will change as a result of this rebrand.

  • Our values — our company values and process-centric mindset won’t change.

  • The quality of our customer support — we’ll be just as responsive as always with this new breakdown.

  • Legal structures — for simplicity, our legal business name will remain “SixFour Creative LLC.” This means you won’t need to read another 5-page legal agreement to keep receiving the services you already know and love.

  • Invoicing structures — for simplicity, all invoicing will be sent out by “Inter,” regardless of which solution you work with. If you work with Interweb for a new website and Intergrowth for ongoing marketing services, you will receive a single invoice breaking down the costs for each of these services.

  • Our emails (sort of) — we’ll still be accessible through our emails. However, those emails will start being forwarded to our respective email addresses, which will become the new default email address for everyone on our team.

On the other hand, there are a few things that will change:

  • Our name

  • Our business cards

  • The logo on the t-shirts that my girlfriend complains about me wearing too often

How Does this Impact Junto Team Members?

Outside of the items listed above, Junto team members can expect more opportunities to innovate and the ability to work on new, interesting projects outside of our normal services.

Innovations that We Have in the Works

Inter’s Growth Hub (already live)

Inter’s real-time client reporting dashboard (already live)

Real-time website monitoring with InTrack

Enhancing the apartment leasing experience & 2x’ing leads with LeaseLeads.

And much more.

We’ll have more updates to share in the coming months, but for now, feel free to check out the new Inter site here.


The entire team at Inter